Secret Sauce Of Our Web Designs

Today we have something really cool for you if you are a person seeking out someone to do your website.

Not everyone can just build a website and yes they are getting to be easy.

But unless you want to go through trial and error and go back and forth fixing errors.

Or even the structure of your web designs let the professionals do it for you and do what you do best.

I know when I started the internet I didn’t know anything I was a lost sole in a huge world.

I was a car guy give me a wrench and I was fine.

Show me a keyboard and my eyes glazed over

But I did like to build stuff and websites seem to be my fancy.

I started out watching as many videos on YouTube that my little peepers could handle.

I have done many web designs on different platforms.

I like the wordpress platform myself but I like to host my own website that way I can control it.

I use free one to help my main website.

Because the web designs on the free sites well plain right.

That way if it gets shut down it isn’t like losing a ton of work.

I am getting to my secret sauce so hang on there.

What do you look for when you look at a website?

Here is what I look for the appeal how it looks and feels to me.

Second the structure is it easy to navigate.

I look a little fur than you might and think is Google going to like it.

Is the on page SEO looking good.

Because that is major if you don’t have good on page SEO you will never even be close to the top.

No one will ever find you unless you give them you URL.

This can’t happen.

So above I show you a little about what will help you.

This will solve you problem and that’s what we are here for.

I know the secret sauce what is it.

Tell me please.

I have bargained a deal with a source I can not tell you about.

But he is giving all my clients FREE hosting and FREE HTTPS for life unless something unfortunate happen.

This is top of the line hosting from the big dog themselves.

Google Cloud Platform

Awesome right not many people out there is going to give you this deal ever!

Do you know how much you will save. I have websites that are ten yours old add it up.

I was paying 29.00 a month for my sites x 12 months x 10 years.

Plus you get a great looking site a domain name free for a year or more depending on certain plan you take. Secret Sauce Of Our Web Design services

Let us help you with this task and all your marketing need. Give us a call or check out website.

We are full digital marketing agency so maybe you could use some SEO marketing done or if your local maybe you want to be on the top of the Google My Business in the 3 pack and we can help with that.

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